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A Day In The Life

Want to know what you’ll do every day as a Talent Consultant? One of the best bits about the role is that every day will be totally different, but it might look something like this…

08.30 Tea and cereal to start the day, while checking my email and LinkedIn to see who got back to me yesterday evening. Some interesting news I can share on social networks, and new contacts made!

09.00 team meeting – we discuss candidates that we talked to yesterday to see if anyone has any great roles for them. We also go through what roles we are trying to fill and share ideas on the best places to find the best people. My manager also confirmed we are due for another visit to our London office to spend a day with our team.

09.30 I catch up on my diarised calls – making calls to candidates we have agreed to stay in touch with every couple of months. This helps build and maintain our talent pools of registered candidates and keep abreast of changing market conditions.

11.00 I have a Skype call booked in with a candidate that looks brilliant for some research roles the London team are working on. She is brilliant and ready to move roles, so I check she’s happy for me to shortlist her for a couple of roles, and send her details down to the London.

11.30 I’ve got a really tricky analytics role to fill, so I do some searching across LinkedIn and job boards. When this has been exhausted, I check Twitter and some other secret resources I have! We have been supported with a market mapping exercise, so I some great connections to potentially reach out to.

13.00 Starving! Pop out for a sandwich and catch up on the news.

14.00 We have a training session this afternoon on in depth Boolean searches. This is really helpful because it gives us skills other recruiters don’t have to find those ‘needle in a haystack’ candidates.

15.30 Time to catch up on my social media! I find some interesting articles to share, check my replies and have a chat with a market researcher about her weekend. Not directly relevant, but she’ll remember my name when she’s job hunting!

16.00 Check in with my London team. One of my candidates received an offer today, so I give her a call to offer my congratulations. These are the best calls to make! One of the London consultants also forwarded an email from one of their clients thanking the consultant for the market intelligence supplied by the Talent Hub on a salary benchmarking exercise - it is good to know we offer additional services to our clients and they value our insights.

16:30 An hour to deal with my emails and get back to some candidate enquiries. Even if people aren’t suitable I try to give them a proper response out of courtesy – and this time next year they could be perfect.

17.30 A last minute role has just been sent over from London. We are already have a couple of available candidates in mind from our talent pool but I also want to get it advertised on the job boards as soon as I can. I write up the ad and post it on the most relevant sites – and I’m done for the day!

18.00 I'm trying to leave the office to get to the gym, but have just had another interview booked in for tomorrow - so all in all, a great day!

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