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Katie Holmes - Assistant Country Manager

I joined Aspire in October 2010 and spent two and a half years on the Media Planning and Buying team in London, before relocating to Hong Kong to help Aspire dominate Asia and I am loving it so far! Although we are only one year in, the support that all my colleagues in London and Singapore have given us has just been fantastic!

When I am asked by my friends what I like about Aspire, the one thing that stands out to me the most is really the people! It’s the people that make any company successful and Aspire know how to look after their staff. It is so important to me to work with like minded individuals who create a communicative, hardworking, yet fun environment, especially as we are spending 10 hours a day, 5 days a week with them! A year on in the HK office, starting with 2 people, we now have a team of 6 (and growing) equally passionate people who are all working together to make this office extremely successful! Watch this space! 

Michelle Wong - Senior Researcher

I think the difference between Aspire and other recruitment consultancies is the training that was provided. Training is a big deal to me – I was absolutely blown away by the training program and how it is applicable to my day-to-day job now. They truly meant it when they say we achieve more together. Furthermore, I was partnered with a great mentor to help me learn the ropes in recruitment. I truly believe that I will keep learning and developing in this company. So, come and join us today!

Karina Yim - Researcher

I'm so glad I joined the Aspire family. They have the best training schemes, lovely staffs, a great company culture and attractive bonuses, definitely making them the best company to work for! I really like our “more together” value and I love specialising in the media industry, which allows me to develop relationship and professional strength in the sector. 

Aleena Speranza - Consultant

I recently joined Aspire and can honestly say I could not be happier with my decision. From day one, I have felt so supported by my colleagues and received amazing training that enables me to feel confident going into my new career in recruitment. You can tell that upper management really care about their employees, and I have never worked for a company that invests so much into their people. Between the training, incentives, benefits and commission scheme, there is definitely a lot of motivation to do well! If you are looking for a company with a great culture, constant opportunities for professional development, and the chance to change the lives of people, definitely think about joining the Aspire family!


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