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Aspire has held the Investors in People Award since 2000 and were awarded a Gold award in 2012. This is becuase we take our training and development extremely seriously.

The more skilled our people, the better our performance. The better our development plans, the easier it is to retain talent. All our management staff have been trained to train which enables us to deliver training across the business on a continuous basis as the demand arises. We also use external trainers for developing our skills in areas that are new to us.

Upon joining Aspire, you will have a one to two week induction course where we will demonstrate to you the key skills needed to do the job. There is a lot to learn and it lays down the foundations for the future. After induction training you will receive ongoing training and development, delivered as and when requested. Needless to say those that put the training into practice seem to do the best. All our training is evaluated by each delegate and the delegates are evaluated by tht trainer. This way we can constantly improve the quality of the training we deliver.

Early on in your career with us you will be given a clear set of objectives to achieve in your initial three months. This enables you to keep track of your own progress and is used as a reference for discussion in your weekly one to one sessions with your line manager. Out of those meetings, training and development issues will be raised that we can then address. We also have morning meetings for each team.

Consultants are also given the opportunity to develop themselves and can access further training modules on our intranet. We also hold optional Modelling Excellence Masterclass sessions, run by our own top consultants.

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