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Introduction From The Chairman

I was never much of an academic and was 23 when I started to  look  for a career. I went to a recruitment agency called HMS and  instead  of trying to place me, they hired me! Recruitment has proven to be enormous fun and a profession I hugely enjoy. In my view it is the most challenging complex three dimensional 'sales consultancy' role that you can do. From the outside it looks easy but when your  'products' are people you soon discover that you are  involved in a sector where logic can yield to emotion and 'gut  feel' can triumph  over skills and competencies. Nothing is guaranteed. I am lucky  because I find people and organisations equally interesting.

I established Phee Farrer Jones, now Aspire, in 1992 and have  been lucky to surround myself with talented people that have  enabled the business to be successful for a sustained period of  time. We are an international company with offices in Singapore  and Hong Kong with more planned as we continue to meet the  aspirations of our vision ‘to be a global network of leading  specialist recruiters’. Our client base is loyal and long standing and of course we are winning new business every week. Our contacts are second to none and after over 22 years many of our connections are the key decision makers in the organisations we serve.

We are true to our values, which is something we call "more together". We passionately believe that only when all parties are truly committed do you get the best result, so you will find that we are totally committed to our people which is why we offer more benefits that any other recruitment business on top of one of the most generous salary and bonus schemes you can get. On top of that we believe in fun and flexibility which is why our internal Ministry of Fun organises regular events for all staff and we take a flexible approach to work/life balance.

If you're interested in joining us, please use the links on the left to find out more or please contact our HR Director Charlotte Mullen who is always happy to chat to anyone wishing to further their recruitment career. She is available on or alternatively give her a call on 0207 612 3901.

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