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Emma Osborne - Managing Director of Singapore

When I first came to Singapore, I left behind a buzzing office of 80 people and moved into a serviced office with 3 empty chairs and desks. For 5 months, I was by myself tapping away and longing for the day I would have a team again.

These days, I walk in the office, and am greeted by the sound of music, and my colleagues – a lovelier bunch of women you could not hope to meet - it makes those 1st few months totally worth it. From offices overlooking most of the CBD, it feels we are at the heart of what is going on in the city, and every day we are striving to make someone else’s life better. We raise money for charity, we hang out together and most importantly have a laugh at work whilst still being really successful so it’s pretty perfect. Three years ago feels a very long time ago!

Siha Lawrence - Intern

I came to Aspire looking for just an internship – a stint that would let me explore the recruitment industry; but I found so much more – friends, a family like environment, love and an amazing opportunity to learn.

Yesterday, someone said to me, “Oh god! I have to go to work tomorrow” and I thought to myself, “WOW, this is the first job I have had so far where I have never said that and actually every morning I wake up excited to get to work”. It’s an absolute pleasure to work along side a closely knit team that is fun and professional all at the same time! I love the vibrant and encouraging atmosphere and look forward to make the most of the rest of my internship here!

Alycia Graemer - Consultant

At Aspire, you are looked after really well, with attractive incentives. I decided to enter Boardrooms Bucks (on opportunity to win a bursary for personal growth) last year. I had always wanted to try yoga, and incorporate it in to my weekly routine but needed some support. I did a simple presentation on why Yoga would benefit me and presented a Yoga studio that I had heard excellent things about. My idea was supported and gave me a kick start to Yoga. I now go to Yoga twice a week, and really enjoy my new, healthy routine.

April Shepherd - Consultant

At Aspire we sell people for a living. It’s rewarding, challenging, dynamic and down right frustrating at times. After all, our product is the only one on earth with emotions, and can walk and talk back to you.

Why do it then? Because the team at Aspire has the same common goal: Bettering people’s lives and that includes both our candidates and clients’.

It’s cheesy I know, but we are truly a team here – actually I would say more like a family. We know things about each other that we (or anyone) shouldn’t know, we belt out Miley Cyrus in the office and have been a shoulder to cry on more than one occasion. One thing I forgot to mention if you haven’t already noticed – it’s an all female crew here in Singapore… but bring on the testosterone because we are looking to change that!

Nights out with our MD, HR Director and even Chairman have included games of truth or dare, eating gourmet in complete darkness, karaoke, and of course numerous bottles of wine, dance-offs at the disco, countless laughs and foggy memories.

Aspire is somewhere to grow both as a professional and as a person. The support here is astronomical, the team is like no other, everyday is different and we are selling the most valuable product on earth. How cool is that?

Amira Mattar - Consultant

Last week I completed my last week of intensive training at Aspire. I have to say that my confidence has grown a substantial amount in such a short period and I feel equipped to start my career in recruitment.

The key aspects such as control, confidence and probing will be kept in mind and even though I am still in the learning/progress stages I feel confident in these areas thanks to my amazing training.

Jaya Velupillai- Consultant

Aspire is family to me! Moving from an in-house HR environment to an agency environment has been a great transition for me just because of the management and my wonderful colleagues! The management style amazes me every time as they truly believe in open communication. 

Training is a huge essence of Aspire. We are a fun bunch who are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them! 

Kat Andrews - Consultant

I was initially concerned about making the jump from market research to recruitment, however, a month in my fears have been laid to rest. From the interview process to the diverse week of induction training, everyone has been incredibly friendly, helpful and always willing to take time to help you understand things.

During the last week of June, myself and the three other newbies from Hong Kong and Singapore had thorough training to set us up with the skills needed to be successful recruiters. Aspire went above and beyond to ensure we had the best training, flying an experienced trainer from Manchester as well as holding online sessions with the Chairmain, Paul and Head of HR, Charlotte in London. From handling objections to business development to making calls, the training built throughout the week to support us at each stage of the recruitment process.

Although it was a lot to take in, with a variety of classroom based activities, videos, tasks and role plays, the sessions were never boring and it was useful even for the more seasoned professionals. Following the training, I have got over my nerves and feel equipped to face the Market Research world in Singapore!

Anisha Isaac - Office Manager

Aspire to me, is the perfect blend of culture and challenge. Everyday, I am encouraged to continuously develop myself and I love how contribution from everyone is always welcome.

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