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Work / Life balance

At Aspire, we feel it’s important that our employees all have a sensible work/life balance. We actively encourage outside interests, and operate a flexible working policy so people can fit their working hours around their lives.

If you come in to work at 8am, you can leave at 5pm, whether it’s to pick up the kids or just to enjoy the summer evenings. Fancy a lie in, or your day for the school run? No problem – start at 9.30 and finish at 6.30.

We have introduced a new Boardroom Bucks initiative, whereby all employees who have passed their probation are able to pitch for a grant to put towards an activity for their personal growth. Whether it’s new sports equipment to help train for an event, language classes or photography lessons, the grant will be awarded to the most worthy applicant twice a year.

We also encourage our employees to socialise outside of work and arrange regular events through our Ministry of Fun. Recent events have included bowling, karaoke, pub quizzes, drinks nights and a Wimbledon themed event!

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